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It's Not Just About Dance, It's About Developing Skills For Life.

The right dance school will not only a love and passion for dance, but can also become a personally defining part of a child's life by building self confidence, developing teamwork skills, and strengthening self discipline.  Dance also provides an opportunity for both physical and mental growth, which has been proven to increase performance in school.

Knoxville's Premier Dance Studio, Dance Center West Inc. has been teaching all ages for over 40 years.  Their instructors have extensive education and background in dance and certification in the national dance organizations to provide correct instruction.

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Over 40  years ago, I began a dance school of Pre-School Dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz  and Acrobatics. As my daughter, Tracy, grew up in the studio, the  business grew and became known as the mother-daughter team. Together we  have earned the reputation in the greater Knoxville area of being  compassionate and attentive with children of all ages, giving them the  individualized attention necessary to achieve the felling of  accomplishment.

A  dance teacher has the golden opportunity to create beauty and inspire  others. We believe that true success can be celebrated by staying  focused on what really matters; nurturing dreams, providing support and  loyalty, teaching life skills of dedication and self-discipline and  being one's own unique self. When individual talents are discovered,  every child can be a shining start!

Dance Center West is the oldest dance school in the area. High ethical standards of a certified dance studio are combined with a happy atmosphere.  Our staff has unsurpassed experience in teaching, dance education, and  performance. We are committed to setting good examples and providing a  wholesome environment. Our students learn correct dance form and  terminology while we maintain the high caliber of dance as an artistic  achievement. In addition, our studio is known for the performing teams  who entertain the Knoxville area and have the razzle-dazzle annual production with theatrical special effects. We go the extra mile to make the positive memories.

Our goals with each child we teach include appreciation of all dance arts, self expression pair with self-discipline, improved coordination, and grand confidence  boosts. The end result we hope to achieve is a magical childhood memory  of dance being pure enjoyment and fulfilling to the body and spirit!

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